In general, Panama is a country with more open policies for visiting from many countries around the world. Depending on your passport status though, you may need to obtain a visa ahead of time in accordance with the official regulations.

Medical Concerns

The conference will be held in the “Canal Zone” of panama, which has extremely few cases of mosquito borne tropical diseases, and thus it should be safe to travel to without prior vaccinations for things like yellow fever or malaria prophylaxis.

Typical travel vaccinations are recommended.

If you have specific medical considerations we should know about before time, please let us know!


In working to be able to safely run such an event, we will be requiring participants to have been vaccinated against Covid-19.

Three reasons behind this are

  1. To not influence people to risk themselves by traveling to come to join the conference
  2. To try to protect the attendees and folks in Panama as best as possible
  3. Panamanian immigration won’t let tourists in without proof of vaccination status.


In October it will be the wet season in Panama. It will likely rain once a day in the afternoon. Temperatures are generally warm (it’s the tropics) between 22-30 C.

You can compare rainy days, precipitation, and average high/low temperatures here.