GOSH 2022 will be held in Ciudad Del Saber, Panama. It’s on the edge of Panama city, across the street from the Canal, and only 30 minutes from the nearest international airport.

It is a former American military base that has converted into kind of area of technology and startup innovation. It is home to Fablab Ecostudio, several international schools, an array of international restaurants (some entirely vegan), a major recycling center, and is just 20 minutes away from Gamboa, and the Soberania National Park where Digital Naturalism Laboratories, the conservation group Adopta Bosque, the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, and the animal rescues APPC Panama, and Summit Park are located.

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In order to make this conference as accessible as possible to as many different types of people from around the world, we do our best to keep costs low. The entire conference is heavily subsidized with grants, and from funds generated by the community participants themselves. The registration costs, for instance, do not even cover the coffee breaks or space rental for the Gathering. This is entirely a labor of love, and everything about the gathering is intended to create community not profit.

Thus if you need help trying to get to the conference, we can try to offer what we can through small aid and scholarships, and if you are coming from a more privileged place we ask to help sponsor others however you can.

Registration Costs

The registration levels are basically a sliding scale of what you can afford. It is up to you to decide what registration level you count as.

Conference Registration:

  • Local Participant: USD 30
  • Independent Participant: USD 140
  • Institutional Pricing: USD 220
  • Institutional Full Pricing: USD 390
  • (Plus stipends and scholarships we can give out)

Sponsorship Fees

The sponsorship fee is optional and is separate from the registration fee. The sponsorship fee will be added to the registration rate you select. For those who indicated that they can pay the full sponsorship fee of $250, we thank you SO MUCH for your willingness to contribute, as these fees help support travel funding for folks who may not be able to make it otherwise! 


We are able to get some rooms at the nearby Holiday Inn which is within walking distance to the conference. The prices for these rooms run generally USD 60-100 per night. Connect with your fellow attendees to share rooms if you can!

There are other housing options within Panama city that might require a short (15 minute, USD 4 taxi ride) to the conference. There is also public transportation between the main bus terminal at Albrook Mall to Ciudad Del Saber.



Panama is a major international hub, and the airport (PTY) is easy to get to from many destinations.

Within Panama

If you are in Panama, it is very simple to get to Ciudad Del Saber. Any taxi driver should be able to take you there, and many public transportation buses will take you there from the main bus terminal at Albrook Mall.

Taxis are around USD 1-5 anywhere around the city.

Public transit is usually USD 1-2


GOSH will be providing lunch and coffee breaks during the conference. There are some small grocery stores, and many restaurants in Ciudad Del Saber within walking distance. Ciudad del Saber can be a bit more expensive than some other parts of panama, but you can find meals between USD 6-12. A short taxi ride can take you to many places in the city which offer a wide variety of restaurants and grocery stores.