Regarding the Event

When is the event?

The GOSH 2022 event is happening in Panamá from the 26th to the 29th of October. Workshops, talks, and other cool stuff will take place the full day on each day.

When should I arrive and leave?

There are several workshops, talks and events going to be planned partly by the GOSH community for the full 4 days. Since the gathering starts on the morning of the 26th, we recommend arriving on the 25th of October. 

Participants are free to leave any time after the 29th. Please note that people receiving the travel stipend are required to attend the whole event.

Where is the event?

GOSH 2022 will be held in Ciudad Del Saber, Panama. It’s on the edge of Panama City, across the street from the Canal, and only 30 minutes from the nearest international airport. It is a former American military base that has converted into an area of technology and startup innovation. 

You can see a map of GOSH 2022 here.

More on Panama City:

Panama City is the capital of Panama Republic, which is a isthmus located between Costa Rica and Colombia. Panama is well know by its natural diversity since is located between the Pacific and Atlantic ocean and the proximity to the Darien Jungle. 

The event is located in Ciudad Del Saber, where Fablab Ecostudio is located plus several international schools, an array of international restaurants (some entirely vegan!), and a major recycling center, and is just 20 minutes away from Gamboa. 

Gamboa is a small community located right next to the Panama Canal, the area blooms with natural diversity, thanks to the rainforest which is the signature of the Soberania National Park. Gamboa houses Digital Naturalism Laboratories, the conservation group Adopta Bosque, the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, the animal rescue center APPC Panama, and Summit Park.

What can I bring to GOSH 2022?

Anything you want! We recommend you bring a laptop for collaboration and for online forums, and we’d love it if you brought an example of the OSH work you do to share with others. You can also bring a poster or other way to present your work if bringing the OSH itself isn’t feasible.

We will have opportunities for OSH demos and workshops, if you would like to run a workshop or demo, please fill in the following logistics form and notify the Gathering Working Group ASAP.

What are the registration fees?

Registration is set up in a “pay as you can” manner. The registration levels for the 2022 GOSH Gathering are a sliding scale of what you can afford, and it is up to you to decide what registration level you count as. The recommended registration levels are as follows:

  • Local Participant: USD 30
  • Independent Participant: USD 140
  • Institutional Full Pricing: USD 390
  • Institutional Pricing for people with fewer resources: USD 220

We understand that it may be difficult to decide what registration tier you fall under and that there is no perfect way to categorize everyone. We understand that everyone’s situation is different, and we are leaving it up to your judgment as a participant to determine what registration level you are at.

Can I get subsidies on my registration fees?

The entire conference is heavily subsidized with grants, and from funds generated by the community participants themselves. Thus if you need help trying to get to the conference, we will try to offer what we can through subsidized ($0) registration fees. We ask that you please fill out the following form indicating that you would like subsidized registration.

What are the ‘Sponsorship Fees’?

There is a completely optional USD $250 sponsorship fee for those who would like to help fund other participants who may not be able to make it to GOSH otherwise. This is separate from the registration fee. The sponsorship fee will be added to the registration rate you select.

What are the funds used for?

Registration fees contribute to group dinners, outings, and additional support for local and international participants.

Travel and Accommodation

How do I reach the venue?

The event is taking place in Ciudad Del Saber, Panama. Since ​​Panama is a major international hub, the airport (PTY) is easy to get to from many destinations. 

Once you are in Panama City, any taxi driver should be able to take you to the venue for around 1-5 USD from anywhere around the city. There are public transport buses too that can take you there from the main bus terminal at Albrook Mall. Public transport is about 1-2 USD.

I am receiving travel support. Are there any limitations to where I can spend it?

GOSH funding can be used towards:

  • Return flight from country of origin to Panama city
  • Visa Costs
  • COVID-19 related expenses
  • Ground transport costs to and from the airport in your starting location and Panama (40 USD)

GOSH funding will not cover:

  • Local transport in Panama
  • Premium air transport
  • Accomodation expenses

Please book tickets in advance and set a target of adding no more than 10% to the cost of a ticket merely for convenience. All tickets should be purchased in economy class; premium/business/first class travel cannot be reimbursed.

Do I need a visa to enter Panama?

We have created a document with more information on Panamanian visas here. We are happy to provide an official letter of invitation if your visa type requires it.


We recommend the nearby Holiday Inn for accommodation as it is near the venue. There are rooms available for around 101 USD for two people. There are other housing options within Panama city that might require a short (15-minute, USD 4 taxi ride) to the conference. There is also public transportation between the main bus terminal at Albrook Mall to Ciudad Del Saber. 

If you already know people who are attending GOSH and would like to buddy up, please book as a group or indicate that you would like some roommates via the GOSH Forum.

Who else is coming? Is anyone else from my country attending?

You can find the list of attendees here!


GOSH will be providing lunch and coffee breaks (including snacks and fruit) during the conference. GOSH will also be providing dinner on the night of the 26th and the 28th. There are some small grocery stores and many restaurants in Ciudad del Saber within walking distance. Ciudad del Saber can be a bit more expensive than some other parts of Panama, but you can find meals between USD 6-12. A short taxi ride can take you to many places in the city which offer a wide variety of restaurants and grocery stores.

People and Contacts

Who are the organizers?

GOSH 2022 Organizing Committee: 

Brianna Johns, Gathering for Open Science Hardware;
Andrew Quitmeyer, Digital Naturalism Laboratories;
Juan Pedro Maestre, University of Texas at Austin;
Nat Irwin, Our Sci;
Laura Olalda, Artist, Educator and Researcher;
Karl Kaddu, Environment for Development;
Maria Frangos, Breathing Games;
Moritz Maxeiner, Freie Universität Berlin;
Gourav Saha,  BITS Pilani

I need a contact person in Panama! Who do I contact?

The local coordinators for GOSH 2022 are Ana Julia de Lucia (+507 6157-5304) and Andrew Quitmeyer (+507 6116 9300).

Emergency contacts:

  • National Police (Policía Nacional de Panamá): 104
  • Fire (Bomberos): 103
  • Ambulance (Ambulancia): 911
  • Tourist Police (Policía de Turismo): 511 9260

Miscellaneous Information


The Panamanian Balboa may be the country’s official currency, but the bills in use are US dollars. Prices are listed in $ or B/ but both currencies have the same value.

Power Outlets

For Panama, there are two associated plug types, types A and B. Plug type A is the plug which has two flat parallel pins and plug type B is the plug which has two flat parallel pins and a grounding pin. They are mainly found all over North and Central America, China and Japan. Panama operates on a 120V supply voltage and 60Hz.

Public Transport

Taxis and Uber are available in Panama City and are considered quite safe. Taxis are usually yellow and are not metered. They usually have set prices in theory, but drivers don’t really stick to them and especially, if they recognize you as a tourist they will try to charge you more. It’s good if you ask beforehand about the price and you can also try to negotiate if you think they are ripping you off. A cheaper way to get around in the city is by Metro and Metrobus. In order to use them, you need to obtain and top up a metro card, which you can do at the metro stations and the Albrook bus terminal. The card will cost you two dollars and a ride is between $0.25-$1.25


In October it will be the wet season in Panama. It will likely rain once a day in the afternoon. Temperatures are generally warm (it’s the tropics) between 22-30 C.

COVID-19 Requirements

In working to be able to safely run such an event, we will be requiring participants to have been vaccinated against Covid-19.


Panama uses LTE/4G wireless broadband communication for mobile devices and data terminals. Usually roaming services from abroad function well. However, it is recommended to purchase a prepaid SIM card which can be easily found at convenience stores in the city and Ciudad del Saber. The cost for the SIM card is $2 – $5 and the mobile devices companies are Tigo, Claro, +Móvil, and Digicel. You can get a pre-paid card at convenience stores in the city and Ciudad del Saber from $5 onwards. 

SIM cards can be found at Tocumen National Airport (PTY) however is considerably more expensive. Keep in mind that Tocumen National Airport (PTY) offers free wifi for only 30 minutes, after the 30 minutes there is a charge for the use of the service.