Please apply below to attend the Gathering for Open Science Hardware, GOSH 2022 in Panama City, Panama.

This will take place over four consecutive days between October 26 – 29, 2022.

The deadline for applications is April 30, 2022, and we will send out invitations to join GOSH by mid-June 2022.

All information will be used only for the purpose of applying to the 2022 GOSH Global Gathering. We will use this information for demographic studies of the conference, but all information will be anonymized.

Finally, we recommend that applicants draft their responses elsewhere to make sure work is not lost before submission.

Application criteria

We’re looking for people who are actively engaged in open hardware for science as developers, users, inventors, tinkerers and thinkers who can contribute to growing the community and movement. This event is for people working in all different forms of science, from citizen and community science to academic research and industrial R&D to biohacking. Let us know who you are, why you want to attend, and your vision for Open Science Hardware (OSH) below! We will select a combination that will best represent the diversity of projects in the OSH movement and its international nature.

Note on GOSH 2022 language

GOSH is an international conference and will largely conducted in English and Spanish, and we will try to have Spanish-English translators around to help between these languages. You can fill out the application in English or Spanish. If neither of these languages is easy for you, please contact

Note on GOSH 2022 size

GOSH 2022 will be limited to approximately 150 people.

Note on GOSH 2022 demographic goals

In the application form, we are asking about demographics because we are working to make GOSH 2022 as equitable* and representative of the movement as possible.

* What do we mean by equitable? Check out this visual reference to equality vs. equity: 


GOSH is an inclusive and equal opportunity community. We do not discriminate on the basis of color, gender, sexual orientation or disability. People from underrepresented groups are strongly encouraged to apply. 

Please contact with any queries

From where will you be joining us?
We would likely hire English/Spanish translators.
Are you affiliated with an organization?
Check all that apply. Thanks to the CERN Knowledge Transfer group who created the CERN Open Source Hardware survey where this question comes from.
250 words maximum, please be even more brief if possible.
250 words maximum, please be even more brief if possible.
250 words maximum, please be even more brief if possible. This question is open for interpretation.
250 words maximum, please be even more brief if possible.
If awarded funding, you must attend the entire GOSH 2022 event. If you have any special considerations around your travel ability, please contact